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Here at WYSIWYG we pride ourselves in our dogs and the quality that comes from our kennels. Over the years we have had a lot of very fond memories, and although sometimes it is hard, we thought everyone should see where we started our passion for Golden Retrievers and our ongoing passion of our English Setters.

Some of these dogs are now retired and living with the Furever families and others have left with only their paw prints left in our hearts. They will never be forgotten as they all hold a place in our hearts and without some of these beautiful souls, we would not have the amazing kiddies we have today.

Our past Champions - Forever Remembered

Ch. Cornerstones California Tan (Imp USA) 'Tanner'

Ch. Cornerstones California Tan (Imp USA) 'Tanner'

Ch. Abshe Excel 'Rowdy'

Ch. WYSIWYG The Beat Goes On 'Cher'

Ch. WYSIWYG Beyond Belief 'Charlie'

Ch. Soir De Paris 'Paris'

Ch. WYSIWYG Don't Funk With Me 'Funky'

Ch. WYSIWYG Just Push Play 'Ripley'

WYSIWYG Just Awesome 'Justin'

WYSIWYG I'llkickitfor Ya 'Kicka'

Sagapore Inforthemonee (IDD) 'Nimbus'

Setrridge's Deep Impressions (Imp USA) 'Jayna'

Ch.WYSIWYG What Dreams May Come 'Heaven'

Ch.WYSIWYG Turn The Radio Up 'Carmen'

Ch.WYSIWYG Turn The Radio Up 'Carmen'

Ch.WYSIWYG Play It Again 'Sam'

We get a lot of thank you's from past puppy buyers, but sometimes you just fall into tears thinking WOW! I am so thrilled this pup went to this home. Below are some incredible emails that I have received over the years, thank you to everyone who has been part of my dogs, love and devotion.

Thank you for the best dog ever!
Hi Anthea,
Just wanted to write to you quickly to say THANK YOU for breeding the most beautiful dog that I have ever owned. I lost my girl last Friday and am devastated but so thankful of the (nearly) 11 years I had growing up with her. She was the softest, most gentle and beautiful natured dog that I have ever seen. Not only did I think so, but many people have been devastated that we have lost her because she was a favourite to many and apart of so many different peoples lives (as she was a very important part of our family). She was my best companion from 14 years old all the way through to my new marriage. She was my husbands first dog too and he loved her as if he’d had her since she was a pup too. She was hard not to love!! 

Anyway, just wanted to tell you that you are breeding incredible dogs and please
don’t stop in the next few years.. we will certainly be getting our 
next puppy off you again. I thought I would show you just a couple of 
many, many photos of our girl. Her name was Topaz and she was one of 
Charlie and Kicka’s pups. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Kind Regards,
Monica x
Hi Anthea,

I just wanted to send you a photo or two of Daisy on the occasion of her second birthday!  She is always happy to join me on early morning photo hikes.  My wife's parents were here visiting from New Mexico, USA for the last couple weeks and got to enjoy having a golden around.  They've had two goldens in the past.  Our family continues to enjoy our golden girl!

I hope all is going well for you and all your doggies.

Hi Anthea 

We couldnt say it enough but you have been one of the most helpful and approachable breeders ever. 

Yes our little monkey mia definately had her times, we gave up on having any gardens which works for us (less maintenance) and we certainly went through a series of maveric magic tricks where she appeared on the other side of the fence (but has since grown out of that - she is to big lol) and we went through the digging thing (i think i became a pro at fixing fences while mitch was working away). Mia and i spent many nights watching movies together and she became quite protective while mitch was away - which was good. she is so funny, a little character. If you want we can arrange a date to meet you or you could visit which ever suites we would be very happy for you to see her all grown up. I remember freaking out, we took her when she was about four months old to one of Mitch's friends house who has two beautiful goldies and she ran straight into their inground pool, at that stage she hadnt been to the beach or in water where she couldnt touch the bottom. I remember seeing her jump in and then seeing her little head pop up and paddle away, and when we went to get her out she kept swimming away from us. then when we finally got her out she was doing everything possible to get back in. Our parents call her the grandpuppy and spoil her rotten. 

We are open to all options - I couldnt believe we were rejected by the goldie rescue organisation and must admit we were a little guttered. But kind of glad because i dont want to settle for second best kind of thing and have been very lucky that our Mia is perfect. We were thinking off getting a pup last year but wanted mia to be a little more grown up and see what was out there. When we are home Mia pretty much spends most of her time inside anyway. Obviously we totally understand you want to give your girl the best home possible and are selective of who your girl goes to. And obviously it wont just be a matter of if we are happy with her if you decide but more a matter of if Mia and her will get a long. At this stage we are just putting our feelers out to see what our options are, but if you decide later this year that you wish to put your girl up, we would be interested to talk to you about her further.

As alway,with thanks 

Tracey & Mitch 

Update 6 years later....She is truly a god sent. She is my best friend when mitch is at work and is protective of grace and i when mitch isn't home. Which is also nice considering he works night shift so i feel at ease having her. I have had a huge number of people commenting on just how beautifully natured she is. I'm pretty sure my dad would have her in a heart beat, he always says she has the kindest eyes. We had elderly neighbours who have recently passed and they always used to have tea in the mornings and sit in the sun and talk to her.  In saying that she is very much a one dog kinda girl.  We take her to the beach and out and about with friends who have dogs and she just isn't interested haha. She'd rather sit near on your feet or be near you. Our hard work payed off. I'm glad we did the research and im glad we did the obedience. It is a true testament to the work you put in by researching your lines and working with amazing breeders like yourself.  Our dog wash lady absolutely adores her and always says that she is one of her favorites to groom. I'm glad you love the update. I'm glad we found you and did the research, she really is our best friend. 

kind regards 


freaking out, we took her when sh thanks 

Tracey & Mitch 

Hi Anthea

I have been meaning to email you since Charlie was 16 weeks, but every day things were getting on the way.

I wanted to  thank you for the beautiful dog you gave us. She absolutely amazing, kind, loving, discipline and great soul. We are so glad we have her.

When walk Charlie or take her with us out we constantly getting compliments not only for her look, but her behaviour as well.

We did enrol her into very good puppy school and have been very strict with the obedience training and tried to socialise her as much as we possibly can, and although training played substantial part, I think gens are the most important – thank you for that. I have attached a couple of photos of Charlie as well. There were also a lot of people asking me where we got Charlie from.  

Again, thank you so much from myself and Ben for our Charlie. 

Thank you




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